Bytelogic Technologies provides specialized consulting and development services on Android, building solutions for smartphones and tablets, across multiple OS including latest Android and across multiple form factors and devices.

Android Development

If you are looking for a no-compromise Android product, let us develop it. Rest assured, all our Bytelogic Technologies and best design practices are applied in all our Android development projects.

Android is moving on and so are we

Google keeps on releasing newer versions of OS, SDK, ADT Plugins, Add-On and other tools. The latest ADT Plugin offers new features and has stabilized existing features. These are powerful features and we are harnessing & adopting them in our application development and training programs. This has resulted in faster development with high quality.

Device Adaptation / Porting

When we design, we design not for one but for multiple targets Android devices. We build enough abstraction, configurability & parameterization in our initial design or base build to ensure that the application is “reasonably” adapted to multiple Android devices from various OEMs. While we cannot achieve a “full portability” in the base version, but we ensure that process of adapting to multiple devices benefit from a thought-of design in the base build.


Frequent OS releases, multiple OEMs, custom OEM frameworks, innovative form factors and carrier customization have led to Android fragmentation. Providing optimum device test coverage is a challenge.
At Innovation, we have developed a strategy to optimize device testing efforts & reach by classifying the devices into various families of devices based on factors like OS version, device form factor and other technical & OEM specifications. Efforts are then channeled to thoroughly test ‘representative’ devices in each family and thin testing on others. A right mix of testing using emulators, real devices and external ‘testing over web’ is used.
Testers use SDK Tools to emulate different situations like low battery, low signal strength, call interrupts etc during testing. Applications like aLogCat, WatchDog, and Screen Capture are extensively used by Innovation School of Android across various projects.

Maintenance & Support

Bytelogic provides post-release maintenance & support to client applications. Be it fixing any user issue or updating the app for a new Android OS release, we ensure a smooth post-launch experience for our clients.